Reenactment at Camp Virtus

I am involved in the creation of a reenactment park near Cluj-Napoca, in the village of Salicea, called Camp Virtus. It is the initiative of another NGO, the Virtus Antiqua and it aims at presenting various aspects of military and civilian life during Antiquity. The parts I like best are those I have already organized during summer camps over the past years: ancient clothing, perfume, and cosmetics; ancient games (especially board games such as Rota and Duodecim scripta); and interactive activities with drawing.

ROTA championship

The real TOGA party

Drawing a Dacian warrior in full attire

Drawing a Roman centurion
 In April we will have a full week of activities for pupils, during the national Scoala Altfel program. Feel free to join! The estimated visit is of 80 minutes and includes several workshops in open air: bow and arrow target practice, presentation of Roman and Dacian military and civilian costumes, ancient games, workout (gladiators, Roman auxiliary soldiers).

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