Bouquet in brown and ochre

One of my recent linocut projects consisted of my attempt to depict flowers - in a geometric, stylized manner as it came out. The linocut series was thus entitled "Geometric bouquet" and some of the prints are available online in my Etsy Shop HERE.
For the Print Day in May I have tested the newly acquired typographic inks: Van Eyck brown and red ochre from Charbonnel. 
Here are some of the new imprints of the geometric bouquet in these colors, with the ink applied in a combination of ways: by roller, finger, and sponge. I had no time to sign them yet, but the signature will add some balance to the composition, as I have tested several variants and decided to sign them vertically, on the right side. I also like the new inks, except for the fact that they are so new and fit, that they are very predictable. I do enjoy the old colors as well, with the pigment loose or too sticky - don't get me wrong, it is just me, enjoying printmaking materials "with personality" :)


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