Art bookmarks

The fast-approaching history book fair VOLUMEN, to be held by Virtus Antiqua NGO at Camp Virtus near Cluj-Napoca, includes the selling of special bookmarks inspired by history or art. 
These handmade bookmarks, created through techniques such as printmaking (linocut, monotypia) or openwork&collage leather, are produced by Atelierul de istorie or the Transylvanian Trove. 
Most of them depict the ancient Dacian war standard, the mythical half wolf half serpent creature Draco, others the fish-boar hybrid of the Getae, but there are also contemporary art ones - colorful, graphic, fresh. Take your pick for the best accessories while reading history!
Handmade leather bookmark - Draco - gray and red

Handmade leather bookmark - Draco - gray and white

Different color combinations of handmade leather bookmarks with Draco

Linocut bookmarks Draco black and white

Detail of the above

Linocut bookmarks inspired by a symbol of the ancient Getae

Lincout bookmark, contemporary art, numbers

Linocut bookmark, contemporary art, geometric print

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