Pharmacy and alchemy

The next temporary exhibition at the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca focuses on the interferences between pharmacy and alchemy. The exhibition, open between July 3rd and December 31st 2017, consists of a proper temporary exhibition, focused around four major topics, and a thematic tour through the permanent collection. The four topics explored, illustrated with relevant artifacts from the history of pharmacy, are: Pharmacy and Alchemy, Laboratory tools, Alchemical symbols, and Alchemical confusions. The tour is properly indicated with printed signs depicting the so-called Mirabilitas Naturae (Nature's miraculous abilities) taken from Maier Viatorium ~1618.
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The four topics of the exhibition and all the labels are bilingual, Romanian and English, so tourists are encouraged to visit and explore the alchemical elements and tools borrowed by the old apothecaries of Transylvania.

Mirabilitas Naturae

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