Art fair in Cluj

Next week, from Monday to Friday, everyday, we will be waiting for visitors at the new art fair held in Piata Matei, in the heart of Cluj.

Dacians and Romans will join the club, XVIII-century engravings freshly printed after plates from the collection of the National History Museum in Transylvania will be sold, and the Jazzticks will delight our ears. Looking forward to seeing you there! More details (in Romanian) on the apARTe blog: www.aparte-cluj.blogspot.com 

It is the fourth edition of the Art Fair - Open Studio organized by apARTe and the Town Hall of Cluj-Napoca.


Seeking gallery for a photo exhibition

The project is entitled "On life and death" and it was enriched in time due to my morbid interest in dead animals. After I covered that, I had to discover something for the other side, the "life" part, which proved to be a little more difficult, but it has been done as well.

Now I am looking for a similarly inclined curator or for an alternative space, such as a bride dress shop or something similar, to host the exhibition.

These are some of the photos in question:


Art galleries in Romania

There are few modern and active art galleries in Romania. Here are just some of them, with good websites: 

Ivan/Hag, Bucharest - http://www.hag.ro

ANAID, Bucharest - http://anaidart.ro
Galeria de Artă Contemporană a Muzeului Naţional Brukenthal

Can you suggest any others?


Prepairing a calendar

 My latest linocut project is a calendar for 2009 inspired by urban sites from Cluj-Napoca. Some of the representative monuments are included, both old and new (the building of the town hall is among the new, as I intent to have them as partners in this project). The new touch is in having the day numbers in linocut as well, with weekend days and holidays placed higher and in different colors, as to become more visible.
These are the selected linocuts:
January - the Matthias House (the building where king Mathias was born, currently the Art Academy) 
February - St. Michael's Gothic church, in the main square (Unirii)
March - the Town Hall
April - Tailors' Bastion, in fact one of the corner towers of the second medieval fortified precinct, rebuilt in the 17th century after an explosion caused by lightning (gun powder was kept inside)
May - rooftops and the tower of St. Michael's (neo- Gothic)
June - the house of the Silversmith (window frames preserve depictions of a chalice and one part of the building housed until recently a pub called, appropriately, At the Golden Chalice)
July - the Hintz House, one of the oldest pharmacies in town, currently the History of Pharmacy Colection
August - King Matthias Corvinus 
September - the Franciscan church (in the Middle Ages a Dominican friary)
October - the Carolina Obelisk - monument placed by rich citizens in honor of the visit in town of Empress Carolina Augusta or Austro-Hungary
November - the Orthodox Cathedral
December - the Banffy Palace, currently the Art Museum


Why I open my mouth when I climb down steps

I open my mouth when I climb down steps for love of stove tiles!
For a week now I've been taking photos and measuring the stove tiles from the deposits of the museum. The deposit is in the basement and the dust, supplemented by fungi, has determined me to masquerade and wear gloves and a mask. But his mask, I don't know how surgeons can stand it, is very uncomfortable. It often moves and ends up covering my cheek and eyes, so whenever I walk down the stairs after taking photos of the tiles in natural light, I have to open my mouth in order to re-arrange the mask and see my steps. and since I do that some 40 times a day, I am honestly afraid of not developing a Pavlovian connection between the two actions.
And if you still wonder why I am doing all this, take a look at the tiles.

Ceramic exhibition in cluj

The opening will be held on September 24th 2008 at the Art Museum in Cluj and it presents the works of two established ceramists from Hungary, Eva Szocs and Imre Schrammel. The exhibition is organized together with the City Council.


Graffiti and stencils in cluj

Japan on the walls

"cărămida-n piept" - to boast

self portraits?

inspiration sources for stencils

graffiti-art, or vandalism - pros and cons

"Did you know that...?" The beginning of silly periodical columns during Communism.


on the window of an art gallery closed-down because the building was given back by the state to its original owners

urban worms

face and stick with great Romania; "whole in the budget"

"here? stay in the country!"

"through the decision of the town hall, this space is dedicated to graffiti"

Guerillas - Cluj/Napoca hardcore

"who you want scandal"

"the anger"

nice Apple commercial

not only pro-legalize but even pro-cultivate

for dear Coco

historical stencils ("Vlad Tepes, president!" and Corneliu Zelea Codreanu - "for God, people, and country")

Save Rosia Montana, an international group taking over a gold mine and threatening to destroy archaeological remains and the ecology of the area. A rare case of civil action.

Cyanide kills. Oh, really?

the Resistance continues

My favorite, "IRLOMANIA", signed Happy Boris. Ethnically very mixed.
about the topic (in RO), at: http://atelier.liternet.ro


After the 1989 Revolution and the fall of the Communist regime, a new form of urban expression has made its way to Transylvania, i.e. graffiti and stencils. Here are some of the most interesting ones from Cluj, either aesthetically or conceptually.