Golden apple etchings

I have just listed in my Transylvanian Trove Etsy shop two wonderful etchings created by artist Lojze Kalinsek of Slovenia. These original prints depicting a golden apple come in two color variants: RED - gold and silver apple embossed against a red background and VIOLET - gold apple against a dark violet background (see variations). 
Original etching by Lojze Kalinsek, 2006
The depiction can be interpreted symbolically as a reference to the Original Sin / Fruit of Knowledge from Adam and Eve's biblical story, or as an antique element in the mythological episode of the Judgement of Paris. It can be equally viewed as a decorative, modern element, devoid of deeper meaning.
The price refers to one etching, as they can be displayed together as a pair of artworks, or independently, as singular prints.
Very decorative, high quality craftsmanship.
Excellent decoration for either home or office, classy art gift.
The artworks are sent unframed and you can have them mounted and framed according to your taste and budged. They can also be displayed as they are, due to the thick paper they can be propped up on a mantelpiece, for example.
Dimensions (paper): ca. 20 x 22.5 cm.

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