Rudeness in art

I believe art is allowed to be offensive and rude, but only when there are aesthetic and ideological reasons behind. Rudeness for rudeness sake got somehow outdated :)
Here is a brief selection of what I mean, in an Etsy Treasury entitled Offensive, naked, organic, rude

Atelierul de istorie

Our online shop is almost two-years old and its doing good for such a young age :))


In 2008 apARTe and VIRTVS ANTIQVA NGOs have started collaborating for an online shop that presents original artworks and handmade products inspired by the civilizations of Antiquity, mainly Dacian and Roman, employing as much as possible natural materials such as leather, textile, ceramics, metal, and glass. The "History Studio" / aka Atelierul de istorie, has been present at several reenactment festivals and events in Romania and is very active online.


Piggy art

I had some fun on Etsy compiling a swine treasury :) I never knew pigs were such sought-for models for art representations, but it seems they are very much loved, painted, drawn, sewn, carved etc. This might have something to do with pigs as good luck charms in some cultures, or simply with he ambivalence of aesthetic and ugly that one can find in the species...


Introducing Vivi

Another favorite artist - this time specializing in jewelry design - is Viviana Tosa, my good friend and former studio colleague. She has been active in ceramics initially, but then she discovered silver and.. there it was, love at first sight and dedication+hard work for the sights that followed since! 
I shall show you here (just half bragging) the special ring she made for me, thus the title :) Forana

Forana - original silver finger ring

She designs and processes various jewelry items from top to bottom: from silver powder to alloyed silver plate, cutting, soldering, polishing, finishing - sometimes adding color and patina, depending on the case.

Viviana at work in her studio

To see her work and her methods, see her website, at www.vivianatosa.ro


Introducing dad

I'd like to introduce you my dad, Marin Gruia, a classical and impressionist-inspired, sensitive painter. He started with pastel and then upgraded to oil on canvas. Acrylic did not seem to suit him that much.
As for the subject matter, his artistic feeling is best suited for still nature (flowers) and landscapes. His favorite formats are small, miniatures and average-size paintings. He pays special attention to the framing of his works, even experimenting with creating frame textures himself.
See more about him and his works on his website HERE. He has managed to make a name for himself and to set a certain quota for his works, so as most local art galleries are promoting him and people happen to ask for "a Gruia". I hope there might be some confusion some day, and I might "steal" some of the name-related glory :)


About BEZOARS at the History of Pharmacy Collection

Bezoars are famous antidotes, talked about since Antiquity as effective against all poisons. They are in fact lumps of undigested organic matter sometimes formed in the digestive tract of humans and animals (but mostly goats). The History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca includes jars for bezoar powders (preserving the contents!) and an eighteenth-century apothecary inventory mentioning the use of Oriental and Occidental bezoars and of Sennert's powder - a rich mix of ingredients among which Oriental Bezoars.

Harry Potter's fans from Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania will be delighted to know that a small preview of the forthcoming exhibition (Harry Potter and the True History of Pharmacy, due November 2015) is available at the History of Pharmacy Collection this month. The FOCUS group is dedicated to BEZOAR stones, powders and mixed products.
Stay in touch at http://farmacluj.blogspot.ro/

Etsy treasuries

...are a great way to collect thinks you love, to have possible sources of inspiration close by, and to share them with others. Here is one of mine, in which I delighted in the texture of fossilized/petrified materials, mostly bone