Group exhibition Lithuania

"The Other Sides of the World" international group exhibition organized in Lithuania, at the art galley


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Ole Bjorn Gundermann – Danija, Ana Maria Gruia - Rumunija, Lojze Kalinsek - Slovėnija, Faust Campama Peleja - Andora, Lluisa Casas Grimaldos - Andora, Martje Verhoeven- Olandija, Cristiana Itiopolos - Graikija, Octavo Esinencu - Moldavija, Laura Gomez Volero - Andora, Olga Cabanes Chao - Andora, Isabel Pons Escarre - Andora, Dolors Pascuet Mas- Andora, Elga Grinvalde - Latvija, Gelu Lupas - Rumunija, Edmond Krebik- Rumunija, Mindaugas Aučyna - Lietuva, Martinas Jankus - Lietuva, Edita Matulionytė - Lietuva, Eugen Raportoru - Rumunija.


Homemade fair 13 december 2008

Another art fair hits the city! Cluj-Napoca, be ready for another exhibition at Casa Tranzit, organized with the support of the French Cultural Center in Cluj-Napoca. There will be also cookies, French music, and the atmosphere of the 1930s. And, not to mention, everything will be 100% handmade.


Gruia&Gruia exhibition, december 2008

I invite you to Gruia&Gruia, my first exhibition together with my father. It can be seen (and bought) at Galeriile La Fortuna, Piata Muzeului nr. 6, Cluj, all throughout this December. The place is a nice and cozy cafe where you will have a good time, and there are good chances we will meet there.
My father exhibits a series of flowers and landscapes (oil on canvas) on the upper floor, while I have the basement of the cafe, with works from two different series. The most numerous contains works about Cluj, made in a mix technique (collage, linocut, acrylic on canvas) while the other is part of a an older cycle of acrylics.


Covers for contemporary art magazines

Some photos are just right for magazine covers: they are just fine, though a little something is missing in their composition. Here are some example I made during cold winter days in various locations in Transylvania. In the right light, even the simplest objects (a frozen car tire, the handle of an old closet, water melting on my car, or a cute girl running in dim light) made for photo shooting subjects.