The ancient sources mention two social categories among the Dacians - their noblemen, called TARABOSTES or PILEATI were those of rank, standing out through their wearing of the pileus, a typical hat with an in-turned tip, and the COMATI, those who were forbidden such an accessory and carried on bare headed.
Our workshop selling handmade items inspired by the ancient Roman and Dacian civilizations has recently introduced a new category or luxury products, made of more expensive materials and exotica - called tarabostes. It includes the following items:
  • homemade spun woolen Dacian hat, pileus - available online, with description in Romanian, HERE.
  • two gilded original paintings with draco, the war standard of the Dacians - the rectangular one available HERE and the rectangular, larger one, HERE.
  • and special jewelry necklaces and pendants of the exotica type, available at atelieruldeistorie.ro HERE.

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