Collection of medical equipment

The History of Pharmacy museum in Cuj-Napoca includes and exhibits, in a room that was not part of the old apothecary shop, a distinct collection of ca. 500 items used in the hospitals and medical cabinets of Cluj between the 1890s and 1980s. Among the most valuable exhibits one can mention the earliest electrocardiograph from Romania, of the Einthoven type, single channel, produced in Paris in 1915, and Röntgen machines from the period 1915-1920. The largest lost has been donated by Prof. Pompiliu Manea in 1997, but other items have been subsequently offered by doctors and other private citizens.

The collection includes medical prints, X-ray machines, physiotherapy, gynecology, ophthalmology, dentistry microscopes and other kinds of instruments, tools and apparatus. 

Detail of the Boulitte Einthoven electrocardiograph of 1915

Ophthalmology lenses

Gynecological instruments

Radiostat for physiotherapy


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