Homespun woolen cap

We finally found a seller of homespun woolen fabric in natural colors, thus the most recent variant of our reconstructed Dacian cap / hat is now more authentic than ever. The material is not so comfortable, but it is warm, thick and the typical pointy end is now prominent. Such hats were being worn by Dacian noblemen (called tarabostes or pileati - those who wore the pileus), as depicted on Trajan's Column.
The cloth comes in natural wool colors, dirty white and brown.
The new type of pileus is available online, at atelieruldeistorie.

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Jon said...

What a beautiful hat. I myself sew a lot of historical clothes. Just curious. Do you know where to buy such fabrics? I was in Cluj-Napoca earlier this year and tried to find a fabric salesman but unfortunately did not succeed.