Golden network

Another mix technique miniature I made last year is special through the gold leaf experiment I made. The idea was to somehow suggest the tight network of local medieval communities, so I created an ethereal (though not quite ethereal enough)  golden net in the sky. The overall effect is rather Baroque, with the too bright combination of white and gold, so new time I shall paint the sky darker and render the net lines thinner (if such is possible with mixtion and metal foil).
The imagine scene is placed in the medieval town on Sibiu/Hermanstadt, in Transylvania, easily recognizable through the eye-shaped opening at roof level and the unmistakable shape of the medieval tower separating the large and small town squares.

 Just like the previously presented miniature depicting the fortified church in Calnic, this one is also made in a combination of techniques: linocut, collage, acrylic on canvas gold leaf and is ready to hang, provided with a saw tooth hanger (allowing perfect balance and balance corrections if needed) and canvas stretchers already in place, on the back (if, due to display or storage conditions the canvas should need stretching in the future, the pegs are just pushed in a bit). 

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