50% OFF artworks - Goddess Gruia Etsy Shop

I plan to move my art studio in the next couple of months, so less artworks to move shall be a plus. I have therefore introduced a unique discount for all items in my Etsy Shop - Goddess Gruia - using the coupon code "STUDIOMOVE", available until February 2017. Rush to see all paintings, linocuts and collages!

The shop is structured according to several categories and the discount applies to all of them:


Original art print, hand pulled linocut, limited edition, "The orchestra" - musical instruments, home decor

 Linocut, contemporary printmaking, "Geometric bouquet", original art, still life, flowers, unique wall decoration

Original linocut, history-inspired print, Draco, the Dacian wolf standard, ancient symbol, contemporary art, printmaking, black-and-white

Artistic nude, erotic art, linocut, original print, contemporary art "Venus pudica", gift for men, decorative art

Linocut, original contemporary print, large wall art, "Pharmaceutical jars from ancient apothecaries in Transylvania"

 Linocut print, Transylvanian hatching dragon, "Ovo" - original art, one of a kind artwork, unframed, inspired by Harry Potter

 Linocut work depicting the old apothecary shop in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, "The Hintz House" - original linocut print, historical monument


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