Retro pendant silver and stone

Though the first update of the Transylvanian Trove shop on Etsy regards a previously listed product, i.e. the large red handmade earrings, the most recent item is a vintage pendant with a semi-precious stone mounted in silver.

Etsy update from the Transylvanian Trove
The item in question is a nice pendant made of silver and mounted stone. The rays around the oval stone are decorated in faux granulation. Ends in a silver hook that allowed for it to be attached to a chain (not included). The cabochon is cutout on the back, allow for light to shine through the stone, increasing its properties.
Length: 4.5 cm (1.7 inches) 

Retro pendant, vintage jewelry, silver and stone, mounted stone, cast silver, faux granulation, ready to wear jewelry, Transylvanian Trove


Mjolnir leather wallet

Entirely handmade leather wallet

Mjonir tooled decoration

Inner part of the wallet - with one larger slot for Romanian ID card
Atelierul de istorie presents the most recent leather wallet model, decorated with the symbol of Thor's hammer, the Mjolnir. The item thus inaugurates another category of products inspired by the ancient civilizations - those related to the Norse civilization and the Vikings in particular.
The wallet is especially designed for Romania as inside it includes one larger slot, to fit Romanian ID cards. The other slots are normal card-sized. The item is entirely hand made out of vegetal tanned leather, carefully cut, tooled, dyed, painted, sewed and finished. The colors of choice for this particular model are light brown, dark brown and black, but other custom combinations are also available.


Nucum Juglans - apothecary uses of walnut husk

The Latin name of the botanic genus Juglans (walnut) comes from Jovis glans, meaning “the fruit of Jupiter”. The genus includes 21 species spread across the temperate northern hemisphere, from Europe to Japan and America and walnuts have been mainly used as food, but various parts of the plants were also used as medicine or cloth dye.
Juglans regia - walnut and husk. Source: Wikipedia

In Transylvania green walnut husk was mainly used as a domestic remedy, but it also features in some apothecary cures due to its strong effects in curing skin problems (eczema), scrofulosis (ganglia inflammation), as a resolutive (substance reducing swelling), as an emetic (useful in eliminating parasites for example) and as an astringent.
18th c. dried husk - Putamen Nucum Juglandis

The History of Pharmacy Collection in Cuj-Napoca, Transylvania, includes two jars for pharmaceutical products obtained from walnuts. In the apothecary table in the Officina one can see a wooden container that still preserved eighteenth-century dried walnut husk Putamen Nucum Juglandis, from an apothecary shop in Baia Mare. The second container, usually preserved in the museum's storage areas and not permanently on display, is a green glaze pottery jar with the paper lied inscribed “Extr(actum) nucum j(uglandis) virid(is)” – green walnut extract. This nineteenth century jar was once used in the Unicorn apothecary shop from Cluj-Napoca. 
19th c apothecary jar inscribed Extr(actum) nucum j(uglandis) virid(is) - green walnut extract
The presentation is also available in Romanian HERE.
Walnut-related objects are on display at the museum in Cluj during the month of March 2017.

Symbolic and anatomic heart depictions

The topic can be explored Saturday, February the 25th, at the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca. With the aid of a special visit sheet, those interested in the Feast of Love can discover several depictions of the heart on different objects exhibited in the museum and in different places of the old pharmacy of the city located here. The heart was not always used as a symbol of romantic love, while, at the same time, the correct anatomical depiction of the organ has remained for centuries a mystery.
See for example the romantic hearts depicted on eighteenth-century bottles for the Elixir of Love. The recipe is also available :) 
The event is held in Unirii Square 28, Saturday February 25th, between 10 AM and 4 PM. One can also visit the temporary exhibition "Animals that heal" and the item of the month - Aloe vera.

Instructions for discovering the iconographic history of the heart
map of the heart depictions at the History of Pharmacy Museum in Cluj-Napoca


Lucerna - Roman oil lamp replica

The most recently added item on Atelierul de istorie is inspired by the ancient Roman oil lamps, or lucerna as they called them during that time. This replica of a lucerna is entirely made by hand, with a decoration on the discus consisting of an ancient stylized mask. The item, made of unglazed burnt clay, can be used - we recommend olive oil, as it creates less smoke, and a wicker made of natural fibers.
Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm, height almost 3 cm.



Silver leather earrings, feather-shaped

The lot of handmade leather-made goods in the Transylvanian Trove on Etsy has just been enriched with another pair of earrings. The feather-shaped pair, entirely handmade out of metal silver dyed leather, is entirely handmade and designed slightly asymmetrical, in order the match the wearer's face. Due to their size and color, these earrings are meant to party!

Feather earrings made of natural leather, metal silver earrings, entirely handmade in Transylvania, Romania, light jewelry, original design

100% natural leather, metal silver dye finish, very trendy.
Silver-color metal hooks (common metal alloy).
Length: 5.5 cm (2.1 inches).

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2017 Romanian protests vs. corruption

In Romania the past couple of weeks have witnessed an unprecedented wave of demonstrations against the neo-Communist (PSD the Social Democrat Party) party in power and its recent measures. Not only did the new government pass revolting pro-corruption  ordinances under the cover of darkness, but the new Parliament (based on the result of the elections held in December 2016) also ratifies doubtful laws and behaves anti- democratically.
Nothing has been set yet and the fate of the country's entire development remains marked by the threat of this return to political unfairness, public lying and denial, corruption and arrogance.
I have taken part in several of the marches held in my home town, Cluj-Napoca. #REZIST

women power still needed in 2017


Hammered metal tree-shaped earrings

The Transylvanian Trove on Etsy has been enriched with yet another pair of art earrings for sale: tree-shaped earrings made of hammered common metal alloy. These lovely designed vintage earrings were made in Transylvania, Romania. The unique earrings in question are handmade, out of cut and hammered common metal plate, with metal hooks. They are slightly curved, and this detail renders the pair very chic and with a 3D effect.
Dimensions: 3 x 3 cm (1.1 x 1.1 inches)
Ready to wear. 

Tree earrings, hammered metal earrings, vintage retro jewelry, art earrings, designed and entirely handmade in Transylvania, Romania

Medium size vintage metal earrings

3D effect

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Vintage porcelain earrings from Transylvania

The most recent addition to the Transylvanian Trove Etsy shop is a pair of retro white earrings made of glazed porcelain. Dangle and drop white earrings with silver-color metal hooks, from Transylvania, Romania. The pair is entirely handmade out of porcelain with transparent glaze and golden flecks. As for the shape, the earrings are rectangular with round central emboss.
Dimensions: 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 inches)

White earrings, square earrings, glazed ceramic, porcelain earrings, art jewelry, handmade in Transylvania, Romania, design work


"Roofs in Transylania" original miniature painting

Continuing the series of urban Transylvanian paintings in my Etsy Shop Goddess Gruia, I have just added today another miniature entitled "Roof in Transylvania". Due to the similarity in size (just 5 x 5 cm), technique (acrylic on cardboard) and subject (medieval architecture from Tranylvania), it is the natural pair of another tiny painting, "The Guild House in Brasov".

Small acrylic painting, Roofs in Transylvania, miniature art, small format contemporary painting, original from Romania, unique original art

This small painting depicts typical roofs from Transylvania, Romania. The cityscape fragment renders the atmosphere of the medieval cities of Transylvania.
Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm (1.9 x 1.9 inches).
I will send it to you unframed and you will frame it according to your taste and budget :))

50% OFF available until the end of February 2017 using the coupon code STUDIOMOVE.




Urban Transylvanian paintings

GoddessGruia specializes in depictions of herself and the medieval cities of Transylvania. Here is a selection of the latter, available on Etsy, created in various techniques: acrylic on cardboard, linocut, mixed media (collage, linocut, acrylic on canvas).
Don't forget to use the 50% discount coupon "STUDIOMOVE" available until the end of February 2017.

Miniature acrylic on cardboard - Brasov/Kronstadt - by Ana Maria Gruia

Lincout - Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvar/Klausenburg - by Ana Maria Gruia

Mixed media - Cluj/Kolozsvar/Kalusenburg/Claudiopolis - by Ana Maria Gruia

Mixed media - Sibiu/Hermanstadt - by Ana-Maria Gruia
Goddess Gruia is the patron of modesty, asymmetry, self-love and self-irony, peace, women museographers, hypochondriacs, slave reenactors, women artists, fat ballerinas, small business owners and many others! Buy these pieces of original art that are contact relics (have been touched by the goddess) and you will immediately feel the benefices!
Read the monograph here: https://issuu.com/anamariagruia/docs/gg_carte_tot_mic/3?e=3801591/39284262


Eighteenth-century apothecary marketing - aphrodisiac drinks

Painted bottle for the Elixir of Love, at the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca
The History of Pharmacy collection in Cluj-Napoca includes for small bottles for the Elixir of Love. Though the recipe was nothing more than mulled wine, the bottles, hand-painted and inscribed around the middle of the eighteenth century, are a good example of product branding and marketing. The depictions and the inscriptions on these containers are well adapted to the contents - flowers, doves, hearts (already used as symbols of romantic love) and fashionable people or couples, while the inscriptions, in German, indicate the date and equally romantic messages.
Read more about the exhibits HERE
This example of romantic heart is included in the special tour set for the Feast of Love - A History of the Heart, organized by the museum on February 25th. Read more about the event HERE

Detail of the red heart flanked by affronted doves


Red, large, statement earrings

The Transylvanian Trove on Etsy has just been enriched with a new product: large red earrings. These vintage earrings, handmade out of red plexiglass and copper wire, will make you stand out in any crowd. They are daring and dashing. Despite their size, the earrings are light and comfortable to wear. This pair of art earrings have been designed and created in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania.
Dimensions: 7 x 4 cm (2.7 x 1.5 inches)  

Large red earrings, modern jewelry, statement fashion accessories, designed in Transylvania, Romania

The intricate details of these statement earrings.

Detail: 3D structure of the earrings.
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Artblr profile Marin Gruia

Marin Gruia's profile on ArtBlr.

Artblr is the most recent platform where artists and galleries can present and sell their works free or for a very small cost. It seems a good opportunity to start showing your works to the world on a site with acceptable graphic design :)
After creating a profile for myself (see HERE), I did the same for my father, adding two of his recent paintings that I like most: one flower bouquet and one winter landscape. I have presented the flower series in a previous post - HERE.

©Marin Gruia, oil on canvas, 70 x 70 cm.

©Marin Gruia, oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm

Here are some of the places to see my dad's paintings:
Marin Gruia online:


Tiny painting The Guid Hall in Brasov, Transylvania

The most recent listing in my Etsy shop - the Goddess Gruia is an acrylic miniature painting depicting one of the representative medieval building of the city of Brasov / Kronstadt in south-eastern Transylvania.

Tiny acrylic painting, The Guild House in Brasov, Transylvania, miniature art, small format contemporary painting, original from Romania

This small painting depicts one of the preserved medieval street corners of Brasov/Kronstadt, one of the leading Saxon cities in southern Transylvania, Romania. The building in question is the medieval Guild House of the city, a representative building of the trade that made the inhabitants rich. Brasov was an important mediator in the commerce between Transylvania and Walachia/the Ottoman Empire.

Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm (1.9 x 1.9 inches).
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