Leather earrings

Leather is a very friendly medium for artists. Unlike printmaking, ceramics and other "dirty" mediums, leather-working is clean and fun. There is no need for special tools, scissors, awls, and punchers will do - and all you have to think about is design! Here are some of my own attempts at scrap-leather items:

Handmade leather car mirror decoration - draco, the ancient  Dacian wolf standard

Handmade leather "octopus" earrings - intentionally asymmetrical and 3D

Bird-shaped handmade leather earrings

Conceptual leather earrings - "conception"

Handmade leather "helix" earrings - intentionally asymmetrical and 3D



Stoneware is defined as a vitreous or semi-vitreous ceramic made primarily from stoneware clay or non-refractory fire clay, fired at high temperatures, non-porous. It is in fact one of the most aesthetically promising mediums in contemporary ceramics, so that I created a selection of the best such items in the following Etsy treasury:



Vampire-free Transylvania - Etsy treasury

Please forget all the Dracula stories, there is much more than them in Transylvania / Erdely / Siebenburgen. My latest Etsy Treasury sends this message and encourages people to check the land and its artists, by selecting a series of artworks dedicated to or created by Transylvanians.


Exotica - jewelry and precious stones

The past few days I visited Mineralia, the periodical fair for precious stones and jewelry, this time held at the Ethnographic Museum in Cluj-Napoca. It was rich, as usual, more with ready-made pieces of jewelry than with primary materials or independent stones. So rich that one has to diligently go through the myriad way-to-shiny things, in order to fine something special. Once I got the worn-down coral pieces, imperfect amber stones, a couple of prehistoric crocodile teeth and other wonders, I embarked on the "Exotica" project: making amulet necklaces with exotic materials. They can be found on my website Atelierul de Istorie.

Miniatures - Etsy Treasury

My latest Etsy treasury, available here, focuses on miniatures, tiny art objects and artifacts. These are, in my opinion, special through their sheer size and difficulty of manufacture/production. Though very small, they are sometime more difficult to make than normal or large objects. I do hope people appreciate this as well, not only liking them due to the "cuteness" criterion, as a kind of mannerism.