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As I have decided to open my fifth Etsy shop (I know, I am hooked!), I searched again for the free listings bonus and used it. If you are also interested in trying your luck on Etsy, here is the link to my invitation to earn 40 free listings, which is a helpful start to the platform:

Here is my fifth shop, if you care take a look:

Officina Dacica my new Etsy shop


Marin Gruia Paintings new etsy shop

I have opened my forth Etsy shop, this one dedicated to my father's paintings: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MarinGruiaPaintings. 
Following Etsy recommendations (free shipping, selling unframed artworks that can be send as international correspondence in cardboard tubes), the shop has made four sales in the first year, earning more than two of my older shops that sell smaller value items with shipping (some).
I think art is (again) an option on Etsy!

The most recent shop update on Marin Gruia Paintings


Roman Jewelry Replicas - new Etsy shop

"True Roman jewelry, for true Roman matrons" is the motto of my new shop, the Roman Jewelry Replicas. The motto itself is a paraphrase from the series BBC Rome that affectionados might have caught:)
At university, I thought the Romans were boring, living monochrome lives, all the same across the empire. Later on, as Roman-Era reenactor, I discovered the true colors of Rome and the fascinating details of how much they actually left behind. Jewelry is one of the things they were not shy, modest, or monochrome about, so I chose to dwell more on the topic, researching, visiting museums hunting jewelry-related artifacts and depictions (the museum in Naples being, of course, one of the best), and foremost making replicas of such earrings, necklaces and bracelets myself. Alas, as a slave, I do not get to wear my own creations during reenectment events, but can do so in my everyday life - historian friends understand :)

Agate and bronze necklace, ancient Roman jewelry replica, chain and gems, Antiquity fashion necklace

I fell in love with ancient Roman jewelry in all my capacities - as historian, reenactor and artist. It thus felt natural to start creating replicas, first for myself to wear at historical reenactment shows, then for museums in my area, and now for everyone on Etsy. I hope you like the items and feel free to contact me for suggestions or special orders. Thanks for the visit! Bonum diem habeas!

Crepundia charm bracelet, ancient Roman jewelry, gems, lava, glass, bone bronze snake & leaf

Carnelian dangle and drop earrings, Roman earrings replica, gemstone & bronze

Pearl chandelier earrings replica, three-strand earrings inspired by the jewelry of Ancient Rome, Antiquity reenactment, Roman earrings

Green jade & jasper, pearls and lava necklace, jewelry Roman inspiration, antique reenactment necklace, gems and bronze

If for any reason you are unhappy with my item(s), please contact me immediately to arrange return and refund, or exchange. You must let me know you are returning an item before you send the item back. I will not refund until the item is returned to us in unused and undamaged condition. You will be required to pay for the return postage and packaging unless the goods are deemed faulty. Once I have received your returned item(s) you will be given a full refund via the payment method of your original purchase.
All items should be returned to the following address -
Ana-Maria Gruia, Borhanciului St. 76G, bl. 1B, ap. 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania..
Unless the item is faulty I am unable to refund shipping costs.
Product on photos may seems bigger or smaller than they are in reality, therefore all item descriptions include detailed information and measurements and one of the item photos shows a scale in cm. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding item size and characteristics.


Medieval tower bookmark

My new creation are these unique bookmarks depicting the old town hall tower of Sibiu, in Transylvania, Romania. Available in my other Etsy store, the Transylvanian Trove. A shop that wishes to promote the creativity and talent of fellow Transylvanians, past and present.
Entirely handmade linocut prints, several combinations of colors available (in both typographic ink and paper). If you have any preference based on item photos, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate (depending on already sold items). Otherwise, I shall randomly choose.

Medieval tower bookmark, hand-pulled linocut print, colorful book accessory, old tower, art gift for readers, writers, book lovers, reading

Dimensions: 14 x 5.5 cm.
The price refers to one bookmark.
Ready to send, ready to use.

See more bookmarks here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TransylvanianTrove?ref=seller-platform-mcnav§ion_id=20828284
See my entire shop: www.etsy.com/shop/TransylvanianTrove

Nurnberg linocut by Goddess Gruia

The linocut section in my Goddess Gruia Etsy shop has just been enriched with a new item. This a special, large-size print inspired by a trip to Nurnberg. The preserved medieval elements of the city are outstanding, matching its fame during the Middle Ages. I was especially impressed by the rich urban houses in the typical Bavarian style, with their organic and decorative timber and daub outlook. It can be offered as a travel souvenir or a nice decorative print.

Nurnberg houses, large original linocut print, medieval architecture of Germany, decorative color print, unique historical Bavarian style

The linocut was made employing a special technique - one cut out plate fragment (for the yellow roof) and ink applied by roller and by hand (for the roof openings on the cut out fragment). Due to this technique, each print is unique, thus not numbered but marked as EA, epreuve d'artiste, author's test copy. I have used tones of dark brown, black and saffron yellow for a strong contrast. Signed and dated by the author.
Total (paper) dimensions: 31 x 40.5 cm.
Ready to send.
The print shall be sent unframed, rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. If it becomes a bit curved upon arrival, please roll it in the other direction and leave it thus for one more day in the tube. It will straighten and be ready for framing.

Check it out in my Etsy shop:


Golden apple etchings

I have just listed in my Transylvanian Trove Etsy shop two wonderful etchings created by artist Lojze Kalinsek of Slovenia. These original prints depicting a golden apple come in two color variants: RED - gold and silver apple embossed against a red background and VIOLET - gold apple against a dark violet background (see variations). 
Original etching by Lojze Kalinsek, 2006
The depiction can be interpreted symbolically as a reference to the Original Sin / Fruit of Knowledge from Adam and Eve's biblical story, or as an antique element in the mythological episode of the Judgement of Paris. It can be equally viewed as a decorative, modern element, devoid of deeper meaning.
The price refers to one etching, as they can be displayed together as a pair of artworks, or independently, as singular prints.
Very decorative, high quality craftsmanship.
Excellent decoration for either home or office, classy art gift.
The artworks are sent unframed and you can have them mounted and framed according to your taste and budged. They can also be displayed as they are, due to the thick paper they can be propped up on a mantelpiece, for example.
Dimensions (paper): ca. 20 x 22.5 cm.

Golden apple, original etching and gold foil, fine art print, unique artwork, red / violet artwork, symbolic engraving, Original Sin



Tea and tobacco leaves - bookmarks on Etsy

These original, hand-pulled and hand cut linocut bookmarks are available in my second Etsy shop, the Transylanian Trove.
he idea was originally a collaboration with a tea shop in Sibiu, so I thought the decoration was ideal for such a context. I then extended the project and used the individual lino plates in other compositions as well and for small-size art projects such as this one.
The price refers to a set of three assorted items, if you have any preference based on the item pictures, do let me know, otherwise I shall randomly choose.
For more items, feel free to follow me on Twitter as well: https://twitter.com/PompiliaSoimos
Tobacco and tea leaf linocut bookmarks


New linocut by Goddess Gruia

It is part of a small series of three unique linocut prints on handmade paper, depicting medieval houses on Buda Hill, in Budapest. Each print is singular through the combination of colors, as each ink is applied by finger and roller in various combinations, the ink have different consistency and texture, and some parts of the lino plate are second prints. The uncut edges of the paper contribute to the antiquated look of these unique prints. Entirely hand pulled.
Fell free to check my brand new Instagram profile as well: https://www.instagram.com/ana_maria_gruia/?hl=en

Medieval Houses on Buda Hill
Detail of linocut print
Detail of the above
Small series of linocut prints, before signature.

Variant 1 - available on Etsy

Variant 2

Variant 3
These works best reflect the description of my shop and style:
I am a weekend painter and it gives me great joy to go to the studio [aka Goddess Gruia's holy place, her Sancta Sanctorum] for the benefit of all, mostly myself.
My job is a great source of inspiration - working with historical artifacts and depictions allows me to research past techniques and the effects of time and patina. My profession is another advantage, as an art historian's eye is always receptive to aesthetic compositions and surfaces, even in everyday life.


Etsy sales winter 2017 by Goddess Gruia

Mixed media on canvas by Ana-Maria Gruia
In the spirit of the approaching holidays, my shop on Etsy - the Goddess Gruia - has a special, limited time offer: there will be one or more free linocut bookmarks for every order PLUS free shipping for orders over 50$ (until the end of the year) AND 15% off all listings over 35$ (until November 14th)!
I have also introduced new shop sections:
Feel free to check them out on Etsy.


Austro-Hungarian paper money on sale

The Transylvanian Trove on Etsy has just added items in the category of collectibles, i.e. paper money issued in Austro-Hungary in the beginning of the twentieth century:
The first is a lot of four circulated twenty filler banknotes from Hungary. Nominal value: husz (20) filler. Issued by the Magyar Postatakarekpenztar Bank (Hungarian Post-Office Savings Bank) on October 2nd 1920. Dimensions: 87 X 57mm (3.4 x 2.2 inches).
The second is a pair of circulated two crowns banknotes from Austro-Hungary. Nominal value: ket (2) korona / zwei kronen. Text in various languages of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy (German, Hungarian, Slavic). Issued by the Austro-Hungarian Bank on March 1st 1917. Dimensions: 48 X 32 mm (1.8 x 1.2 inches). See the presentation of krone emissions HERE. About krona and filler (Heller) HERE.
20 filler banknote 1920

Reverse of the 20 filler banknotes of 1920

Ket korona banknotes 1917

Revers of the above, zwei kronen


Recreating Roman perfumes

Saturday, October 14th, from 11 AM until 3 PM, there is a new workshop at Camp Virtus, near Cluj. The experimental archaeology and reenactment meeting is dedicated to Roman perfumes, unguents, and creams. There will be a presentation of the sources and other reconstruction attempts, of the ingredients and procedures, followed by a hands-on workshop and concluded with the tasting of Roman food recipes.
The meeting is part of the "Labyrinth through" time cultural project, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund  Administration of Romania and implemented by Virtus Antiqua NGO.

 See other experiments:

Smell like Julius Caesar: recreating ancient perfumes in the laboratory

The Scent of Love: Ancient Perfumes

Read our handout (in Romanian)