Art Fair at Iulius Mall shopping center

NEW edition of the Art Fair, at Iulius Mall shopping center,  open 10-12 April 2009!
A group of young artists (and one's grandma) will exhibit and sell their paintings, graphic works and photos. You will also find engravings on hand-made paper, printed after original 18th and 19th century plates. But of course, the main attraction are the artists themselves, so don't be shy and ask all you want about how they create.
The following institutions and young artists, from Romania and abroad, will take part: MNIT (National History Museum of Transylvania), Ana-Maria Gruia, Edmond Kreibik, Radu Fizeşan, Alida Boari, Vera Dan, Bogdan Mihai Radu, Adrian Gorgan, Andrei Varga, Lojze Kalinsek, Rolana Ceckauskaite, and Edita Matulionyte.

Images from the fair at: http://aparte-cluj.blogspot.com/2009/04/rezumat-mall.html