Matthias Corvinus exhibition at the National History Museum of Transylvania

I invite you to see the temporary exhibition organized by the National History Museum of Transylvania and the National Archives of Cluj, to see documents, some with the signature of the king, his alleged boots, the wax model for the sculpture of the king from Unirii square, and several 15th-16th century objects, mostly weapons and stove tiles. They are all related to King Matthias Corvinus, the first Renaissance king of this part of the world, born in Cluj-Napoca.

Oblivia-Entertainment Island 1

One of the best shows during the international experimental theater festival in Cluj this year (the annually held Man.in.Fest) was a performance on the nature of popular culture. The Finnish group's "Entertainment Island" is fun and smart and very natural. And perfectly suited for low-ISO photos.
See more about the company on their website: www.oblivia.fi


Photo exhibition Romani in oglinda

Romanians in the mirror - Photo exhibition at Iulius Mall on Sunday, 26th of October 2008, at noon, by the fountain :) Hope it will not ruin the photos, nor the (self)reflections of Romanians...


Me in time

These photos are taken in the dark clock tower of one of the churches in Sibiu. As always, I was attached by the chiaroscuro, the reflection and superposition of images, and the very-much-abused topic of time as representation. So this is the result, cliche-like, but still fun to do.


Terra Dacica Aeterna at Sarmizegetusa

Roman toughness

..and softness

March before the consacratio

Being part of a reenactment group is a novel and inspiring experience for me. It makes research a practical, immediately useful activity; it brings back childhood memories of going on school trips and summer camps; it makes you think about how others see you and force you decide if that is important to you or not. All in all, I recommend it, even for people who are not particularly fond of history or Antiquity. As not much choice is available, I recommend my own group: Terra Dacia Aeterna from Cluj-Napoca. Here are some shots of our latest trip to Sarmizegetusa, the capital of Roman Dacia.


International Theater Festival in Cluj-Napoca - 2008. 

The program of the festival is finally available, so make sure you are up to date and ready to join some workshops and attend some shows, as they are always worth it!
Update: there is also a Facebook page of the event. See the link here.

Congratulations to the organizer,  Teatrul Imposibil.

Europa Artium

The Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca (UAD) has organized the already traditional Europa Artium, the autumn art festival "Art on the Move" that included conferences, workshops and exhibitions. From the discussions, one certainly got the impression that contemporary art is an almost amorphous creature and that Romanian contemporary art is much worse. The pictures were taken at the headquarters of the University and from the opening of the exhibition of the professors from the institution, held by the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca.


Ceramics exhibition at the Art Museum in Cluj

The exhibition entitled "The fire arts" is in fact an annual exhibition of artists from Cluj working in ceramics and glass. The pictures were taken at the opening, on October 9th 2008, at the National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca.

Roman dance

or dancing with the wolf..

This is yet another visual explanation of how fun reenactment can be. The dancers and the wolf are my colleagues from Terra Dacia Aeterna and the performance took place in Orastie, in the break of our latest show.


Dacian and Roman art (fair)

Despite the intentional confusion, this was just an art fair with guests from the Dacian and Roman reenactment group, Terra Dacica Aeterna. The organizer of the open air art fair, the apARTe NGO, has secured the small square in front of Mathias Corvinus' birth house for Dacians, Romans, and other artists!

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