Roman Jewelry Replicas - new Etsy shop

"True Roman jewelry, for true Roman matrons" is the motto of my new shop, the Roman Jewelry Replicas. The motto itself is a paraphrase from the series BBC Rome that affectionados might have caught:)
At university, I thought the Romans were boring, living monochrome lives, all the same across the empire. Later on, as Roman-Era reenactor, I discovered the true colors of Rome and the fascinating details of how much they actually left behind. Jewelry is one of the things they were not shy, modest, or monochrome about, so I chose to dwell more on the topic, researching, visiting museums hunting jewelry-related artifacts and depictions (the museum in Naples being, of course, one of the best), and foremost making replicas of such earrings, necklaces and bracelets myself. Alas, as a slave, I do not get to wear my own creations during reenectment events, but can do so in my everyday life - historian friends understand :)

Agate and bronze necklace, ancient Roman jewelry replica, chain and gems, Antiquity fashion necklace

I fell in love with ancient Roman jewelry in all my capacities - as historian, reenactor and artist. It thus felt natural to start creating replicas, first for myself to wear at historical reenactment shows, then for museums in my area, and now for everyone on Etsy. I hope you like the items and feel free to contact me for suggestions or special orders. Thanks for the visit! Bonum diem habeas!

Crepundia charm bracelet, ancient Roman jewelry, gems, lava, glass, bone bronze snake & leaf

Carnelian dangle and drop earrings, Roman earrings replica, gemstone & bronze

Pearl chandelier earrings replica, three-strand earrings inspired by the jewelry of Ancient Rome, Antiquity reenactment, Roman earrings

Green jade & jasper, pearls and lava necklace, jewelry Roman inspiration, antique reenactment necklace, gems and bronze

If for any reason you are unhappy with my item(s), please contact me immediately to arrange return and refund, or exchange. You must let me know you are returning an item before you send the item back. I will not refund until the item is returned to us in unused and undamaged condition. You will be required to pay for the return postage and packaging unless the goods are deemed faulty. Once I have received your returned item(s) you will be given a full refund via the payment method of your original purchase.
All items should be returned to the following address -
Ana-Maria Gruia, Borhanciului St. 76G, bl. 1B, ap. 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania..
Unless the item is faulty I am unable to refund shipping costs.
Product on photos may seems bigger or smaller than they are in reality, therefore all item descriptions include detailed information and measurements and one of the item photos shows a scale in cm. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding item size and characteristics.