New linocut by Goddess Gruia

It is part of a small series of three unique linocut prints on handmade paper, depicting medieval houses on Buda Hill, in Budapest. Each print is singular through the combination of colors, as each ink is applied by finger and roller in various combinations, the ink have different consistency and texture, and some parts of the lino plate are second prints. The uncut edges of the paper contribute to the antiquated look of these unique prints. Entirely hand pulled.
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Medieval Houses on Buda Hill
Detail of linocut print
Detail of the above
Small series of linocut prints, before signature.

Variant 1 - available on Etsy

Variant 2

Variant 3
These works best reflect the description of my shop and style:
I am a weekend painter and it gives me great joy to go to the studio [aka Goddess Gruia's holy place, her Sancta Sanctorum] for the benefit of all, mostly myself.
My job is a great source of inspiration - working with historical artifacts and depictions allows me to research past techniques and the effects of time and patina. My profession is another advantage, as an art historian's eye is always receptive to aesthetic compositions and surfaces, even in everyday life.

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