Nurnberg linocut by Goddess Gruia

The linocut section in my Goddess Gruia Etsy shop has just been enriched with a new item. This a special, large-size print inspired by a trip to Nurnberg. The preserved medieval elements of the city are outstanding, matching its fame during the Middle Ages. I was especially impressed by the rich urban houses in the typical Bavarian style, with their organic and decorative timber and daub outlook. It can be offered as a travel souvenir or a nice decorative print.

Nurnberg houses, large original linocut print, medieval architecture of Germany, decorative color print, unique historical Bavarian style

The linocut was made employing a special technique - one cut out plate fragment (for the yellow roof) and ink applied by roller and by hand (for the roof openings on the cut out fragment). Due to this technique, each print is unique, thus not numbered but marked as EA, epreuve d'artiste, author's test copy. I have used tones of dark brown, black and saffron yellow for a strong contrast. Signed and dated by the author.
Total (paper) dimensions: 31 x 40.5 cm.
Ready to send.
The print shall be sent unframed, rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. If it becomes a bit curved upon arrival, please roll it in the other direction and leave it thus for one more day in the tube. It will straighten and be ready for framing.

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