Eighteenth-century apothecary marketing - aphrodisiac drinks

Painted bottle for the Elixir of Love, at the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca
The History of Pharmacy collection in Cluj-Napoca includes for small bottles for the Elixir of Love. Though the recipe was nothing more than mulled wine, the bottles, hand-painted and inscribed around the middle of the eighteenth century, are a good example of product branding and marketing. The depictions and the inscriptions on these containers are well adapted to the contents - flowers, doves, hearts (already used as symbols of romantic love) and fashionable people or couples, while the inscriptions, in German, indicate the date and equally romantic messages.
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This example of romantic heart is included in the special tour set for the Feast of Love - A History of the Heart, organized by the museum on February 25th. Read more about the event HERE

Detail of the red heart flanked by affronted doves

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