Catawiki not for art

Friends have recently praised a new website where one can sell/buy special objects, including art. As compared to Etsy, this seems less clotted with crochet and petty handmade, but maintains all the trust benefits of a site mediating sales (unlike Shopify, for example). I therefore tried out CataWiki but had a bit of trouble figuring it out. Objects are suggested and reviewed by an auctioneer and, if approved, they are offered in weekly auctions. One thing is that you basically cannot offer anything valued at less than 75 euros and the other thing is that you can only offer lots that match active or future auctions (rather restrictive in topic). Also, you cannot set a minimum price for anything less valuable than 200 euros. I first offered a couple of historical engravings, but the auctioneer said they would not fetch enough revenue. I then offered two of my paintings, and the reply was that they would not elicit enough interest. I therefore believe you can only sell on CataWiki if you have really valuable collectibles or the art of dead and/or famous artists - preferably both. What is your experience with this?

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