Handmade business cards

Business cards for artists and artisans should be expressive, with personality, easy to remember. After trying several classical variants, designer made and properly printed, I have decided to experiment with a different approach as well.
One of the variants was to use pieces of scrap cardboard employed while printmaking in my studio. The effects are unintentional and thus "different" and such a card has the benefit of being a "straight out of the studio" product, touched by the artist, that somehow makes the recipient privy to the creative processes. The only downside is that sometimes such scrap papers and too thin or with cuts or other major imperfections, so this method involves using better and more expensive scraps :)

The second variant is a bit more traditional and painstaking, in that I have employed linocut printing on colored papers. It still shows that each card was made by hand in the studio, but it lacks some of the directness of the first variant and it takes more work to cut the papers at the right dimensions and frame the printing properly.

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