The making of Goddess Gruia

I always believed that in contemporary Romania there are two ways of becoming rich: starting a cult/sect/religion and owning a private university. The second option seems rather too complicated and with the recent political scandals of plagiarized PhDs it seems a bit less attractive. So I turned to the first idea, checking the legislation - how many signatures required and how much time. The short answer was - a lot of both. Plus, the only cult I could adhere to is the Flying Spaghetti Monster - and that is done already! So this is how Goddess Gruia was born, as a parody, self-irony, an original art project and a Dalinian avida dollars initiative. Goddess Gruia. A Monograph also employs topoi of academic research in art history (iconography) and sociology (popular religiosity, history of religion) - my specialties, naturally. It is also a "FUBU" project, mainly by me for me - well, to the eternal glory of the goddess!

Sketches for the cult image and traits of Goddess Gruia

Sketch for iconic depictions

Goddess Gruia lino plate

The first linocut prints of Goddess Gruia with some of her attributes

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