History-inspired block-dye leather wallet

The Proper Leather Studio and Atelierul de Istorie present their latest block-dye leather wallet inspired by history. The decorative motif is the ancient half wolf - half snake of the ancient Dacians, the so-called Draco (dragon), while the method has already been described before HERE: the motif is three times blocked with Tandy Leather Resolene (acting as both sealer and blocker), carefully applied with a brush; after properly drying the entire outer cover is dyed with black Eco Flo Gel Antique; and then the background is sponge-dyed with leather dye, leaving a nice gel halo around the wolf. I particularly like this latter detail as it renders the image more artistic and discretely stresses the main decorative motif.
Black block-dyed draco wallet by Atelierul de istorie

Detail of hand sewing and edge finish

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