New batch of handmade leather wallets

A new set of leather wallets is now available for sale by Atelierul de istorie. As its best selling model, they are decorated with the ancient war standard of the Dacians, the so-called Draco (dragon in Latin), a mythical half wolf half serpent creature that the feared Dacians carried in battle to frighten the conquering Romans.
The differences reside solely in the colors of these wallets, some monochrome (black), some with mixed colors (red) and two block-dyed according to our previously described technique (black and brown). The inside pockets are either black or dark brown, assorted with the outside.

Draco leather wallets by Atelierul de istorie

Tooled leather handmade wallets by Atelierul de istorie

Leather dyeing variants by Atelierul de istorie

Wallets insides by Atelierul de istorie
See the description of the block-dyeing technique HERE.
See the Mjolnir-decorated wallets also created by Atelierul de istorie HERE.
And the collection of skull leather wallets available internationally by the same team on Etsy, at the Proper Leather Studio HERE.

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