Homeopathy, Transylvania and precious metals

Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, was active in Sibiu / Hermannstadt between 1777 and 1779, as physician, librarian and secretary of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, Governor of Transylvania. A rich collection of homeopathic small chests, bottles and prescriptions is understandably presented at the History of Pharmacy Museum of that Saxon town in Transylvania. The Gold and gems exhibition at the second such collection in Transylvania, the one in Cluj-Napoca, includes two apothecary bottles for dilutions of gold and silver, used to cure various disorders, especially mental ones. The exhibits are part of a nineteenth-century homeopathic set. Aurum met(allicum) was used in the treatment of many conditions, mostly mental disorders such as depression. Argentum nitr(icum) was used as disinfectant, against nervousness and women’s problems.

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