Rebuilding the clay oven at Camp Virtus

Though out "Bread of the ancestors" project did not get funded by Com'On Cluj, we did manage to attract a consistent donation of wood and timber so we can proceed anyway! Thus this Saturday, September 17th, from 12 la 6, we will be at Camp Virtus again for a bit for experimental archaeology. We shall start with building the roof over the oven, as this will protect the structure from rain and too strong sun and will allow it to dry slowly and nicely.

Though not dressed up as Dacians or Roman, we will be glad to receive visitors and explain the experiment. You can volunteer to help, you can donate, or you can just check it out. The other attractions available are bow and arrow target practice and sales organized by our partners from Atelierul de istorie - unique handmade objects inspired by the Dacian and Roman civilization. 


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