Experimenting with Shopify

There is so much talk about Facebook shops and it would be so easy for customers to shop directly on Facebook (as some seem rather unclear about how they should find out more about the products promoted on Fb and how to order them on another website), that I gave Shopify a go. See Goddess Gruia's shop HERE.
The trial period is 14 days and then the minimum monthly fee is 9 dollars. It would seem a bit more expensive than Etsy for example, i.e. without promoted listings.
Shopify is a straightforward application, but setting up a shop is still time consuming. The advantage is that it can be used independently from a proper website. The disadvantage is that it does not (or I have not figured it out yet) show all products together, as sites do, but rather you get to share on Facebook your individual products or collections. Another thing is that people might be more used with and more trusting towards sale sites such as Etsy as compared to buying directly from someone's Fb shop.
Still, I'll see what happens until the end of the trial period :)

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