Remake of a Roman altar

Saturday, September 30th 2017, a group of historians and volunteers from Transylvania are building a remake of an ancient Roman altar, with painted inscription in Latin. The meeting is part of the "Labyrinth through time" cultural project implemented by Virtus Antiqua, a reenactment NGO from Cluj-Napoca. The activity will take place at Camp Virtus, near Cluj, outdoors in the future historical park planned there. Volunteers and visitors shall receive handouts on the topic [free download of the Romanian presentation], shall work on the experimental archaeology activity and then will be able to taste recipes inspired by those of Antiquity.
Families are mostly envisaged through this project, but all visitors are welcome - all activities are free of charge. The workshops takes place between 11 AM and 15 PM.
Roman altar - experimental archaeology at Camp Virtus
 in preparation, we have gathered more images of Roman altar and ceremonies reconstructions in a Pinterest album HERE 
A brief presentation in Romanian is also available HERE.
Read also the explanation of ARA (altar) in Lacus Curtius HERE.

Reenactment of a Roman wedding ceremony from http://www.roman-empire.net/

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