Labyrinth through time - a different kind of reenactment event

The dates are set for the Labyrinth through time event I've been talking about. Thus, on October 21st and 22nd the entire hill of Camp Virtus will be transformed in a giant labyrinth  inhabited by characters born out of the Antiquity. Unlike usual historical reenactment shows in Romania, this is not a spectacle to see but an experience to immerse yourself in. Once in the labyrinth visitors will meet and interact with Dacians, Romans (gladiators, auxiliary soldiers, civilians, priests) and Celts, will smell and taste ancient recipes and snacks, will touch natural samples and guess their ancient uses, will make their own ancient perfumes in unguentaria, will take part in the uncovering of a pottery firing pit and in the reenactment of Roman religious rituals, will weave on a vertical loom, will be able to practice shooting a bow and play Roman board games. There will also be an archaeology corner, with children being explained the principles of excavation and stratigraphy and then discovering strange objects, filing and keeping them.
Still, a show part is also included, with gladiatorial fights (munera) and military drills (with commands given in Latin, naturally).
Labyrinth through time event, 21-22 October 2017 at Camp Virtus

The event is family-oriented, with families of volunteers dressed in the era's costumes and inhabiting the labyrinth and the experiences designed with families of visitors in mind, where adults mediate and help the young experiment and learn. Still, all types of visitors are welcome, as access is in no way restricted to them.
We shall also hold a special ceremony for the volunteers involved in the weekend meetings, granting them diplomas and prizes, and the final event and a campfire to end the event.

Building the labyrinth near Cluj-Napoca
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Check out the web page of the entire Labyrinth through time project (in Romanian but with much illustrative material).
Experimenting with Roman recipes from Apicius

Reconstruction of a bread oven that we will use for baking

Educational activities
Auxilia Batavorum, reconstruction of a unit attested in ancient Dacia

Ludus Memnii - the gladiator school of training

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