New apothecary jars linocut

The main part of the Print Day in May was dedicated to making new prints after the apothecary jars linocut I've prepared for the occasion. I have managed four new prints, due to their large size and the manual application of the inks. Another thing is that the paper was too large for my printing press - and it is anyway a bit off-balance and does not work well for large-size lino plates - so the printing itself was done by hand. After four prints my fingers and arms hurt, even if the actual pressing was done with grandma's old silver spoon :))


The more pictural effects were generated by the old black ink which got bad, with the pigment separating from the oil. It is somehow pure accidents that add that "extra something" to an art piece, the detail that makes people wonder how you did it. The paper I used was also a bit textured, and this also contributed to the antiquated, rusty look of the depicted jars - perfectly suggested their age and patina. I must confess I am happy with the results of this experiment.

I liked this third print best and thus made it available on my Etsy Shop HERE. Feel free to check the other linocuts there as well :)

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