New typographic inks

The final part of my work for the Print Day in May envisaged testing the newly acquired typographic inks: Van Eyck brown and red ocher. I have thus returned to my favorite manner of applying the ink (roller+fingers) and printed small successive series, with or without interventions, of some of my favorite lino plates. The new colors are definitely worth it, not to mention the combination with the old black ink that has gone bad - and is so good! :))
Looking forward to Print Day in May 2017! I got to discover wonderful artists and join very specialized online groups. Happy printmaking!


"The Hintz House" - 3 successive prints, original linocut

"The Tailors' Bastion" - 3 successive prints, original linocut

"Ovo - the hatching dragon" - Épreuve d'Artiste, original lincout

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