Roman auxiliary soldiers needed

Recruitment is open in Cluj-Napoca for soldiers to reenact the latest troop of  VIRTUS ANTIQUA: Cohors I Batavorum Milliaria Civium Romanorum Pia Fidelis. The first task is to remember the full name of your unit correctly, then you'll have to learn the Latin field commands and formations, and to take care of your kit: calligae sandals, trousers, tunic, lorica hamata (the chain mail of the auxiliary soldiers), shield,  gladius, helmet, and mantle. The rewards of your long labor will not consists of land plots like in the Roman time, but of interesting food (according to ancient recipes), lots of socializing (withing the group of volunteers reenactors but also with the public), a chance to travel (at Reenactment festivals) and learn something first hand. Interested? Contact us!

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