Building a Dacian house

Building a reenactment park is no easy business - finding the accurate historical information, getting the appropriate plot, convincing people to get involved. The next step is equally difficult: getting the money to actually start building. Camp Virtus, in Salicea, near Cluj, is at that point in time, thus the recent fundraising event - The Dacian Party. Funds obtained during the event will go for one of the objectives at the camp, namely the Dacian house. Other objectives are generally antique or even outright Roman, as the park is focused on Antiquity in general in present-day Transylvania - a forge, a bread oven, a pottery kiln, a pit house and possibly a long house as well or Roman watchtower and barracks.
The model of the Dacian house will be selected according to available funds from a number of plans and descriptions obtained through archaeological excavations. Graphic reconstruction will also be employed, such as the recent ones published by Radu Oltean.
Feel free to join the party on August 20th, have fun and donate if the project catches your imagination! We are also looking for sponsors and volunteers, so beware, you might be placing the wattling a l'antique soon!

Models of ancient Dacian houses
Chef dacic- the Dacian party

This is the only such initiative in Cluj, but several others seem to be ongoing in Romania, to a relative degree of success and authenticity. Other such "unique" projects are under way in:

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