The online temple of Goddess Gruia

Goddess Gruia is the only living goddess, from the mythical land of Transylvania. She is the patron of asymmetry, self-love and self-irony, peace, women museographers, hypochondriacs, slave reenactors, women artists, fat ballerinas, small business owners, tile stoves and many other groups of people, abstract concepts, and things ! 
Goddess Gruia - cult image, available as contact relic at the temple

Her cult focuses on her online temple - the Etsy Shop of the same name and on her Sancta Sanctorum, the inner chamber where she actually touches pieces of art that become contact-relics.

Buy such pieces of original art and you will immediately feel the benefices. You will love and accept yourself as you are, you will work hard for small money but you will enjoy your job, you will feel the urge to visit pharmacy museums, you will be peaceful and creative, though not able to draw a straight line, your stove will never malfunction, and the world will generally seem a happier place!

 Amuletic depiction of Goddess Gruia, soon to be made available at the temple

For more details on the goddess, how to worship her, and the analysis of this fascinating new phenomenon of popular religiosity, wait for the monograph that is currently under print!


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