New amulet necklaces -crepundia

Roman children wore necklaces with small toys, shiny stones, jingles and a mix of various elements and beads in order to protect them against evil spirits and harm in general. The fashion was based on the ancient belief in the supernatural. Inspired by these unique pieces of jewelry, I have created a series of necklaces with charms, semi-precious stones, shells, glass beads, bone and different parts, asymmetrical and fun, on natural leather, colorful strings.
More can be found at Atelierul de istorie and several are available on Etsy:

cristal bead, glass beads, shell, wood, bronze separators

bronze snake, bone, glass, wood

coconut, bronze snail shell, bronze leaf, glass

bronze leaf, glass beads, green semi-precious stones

camel bone, shell, wood

Lapis Lazuli

shell, glass, bone, and bronze

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