Linocuts and Transylvanian landmarks

In many of her artworks, including linocut prints, Goddess Gruia draws inspiration from special landmarks from her native Transylvania. These models are often medieval monuments, but also various cityscapes and architectural elements from various eras. Here are some examples that also feature in some of the artist's large-size linocuts that are also available on Etsy:
Large-size linocut from Transylvania by Ana-Maria Gruia
The examples are from the historical center of the city of Cluj (the so-called Tailors' Bastion, in fact one of the towers of the 15th century fortified precinct, better preserved due to its restoration during the 17th century following a gunpowder explosion; and the church of the former Dominican monastery, currently Franciscan, in the city's initial medieval square, the so-called Ovar, today Museum's Square) and the Saxon fortified church in Calnic.
Linocut detail - The Tailors' Bastion in Cluj - by Ana-Maria Gruia
The Tailors' Bastion, in fact one of the corner towers of the second fortified precinct of Cluj

Linocut detail - church of the Dominican monastery in Museum's Square of Cluj - by Ana-Maria Gruia

Church of the Dominican monastery, later on Franciscan, in Cluj-Napoca
Artistic perspective over Calnic - keep, water well, fortified precinct, and gate tower - linocut by Ana-Maria Gruia
Water well and segment of the courtain wall inside the fortified Saxon church in Calnic, Alba County

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