Pineapple leather earrings

The most recent addition to my Etsy shop the Transylvanian Trove is a new model of handmade leather earrings. These original pineapple-shaped earrings are entirely made by hand out of genuine, 100% natural leather. These are great fashion accessories for both everyday use and special occasions. The transparency effect is obtained through the overlapping of two pieces of leather, the upper one perforated to suggest the fruit's texture. Several color combinations are possible. The earrings are fitted with common metal hangers and loops.
The art earrings in question are created in Transylvania, but of tropical inspiration. Due to their length - 5 cm (1.9 inches) - these earrings shall not pass unnoticed! Be disco and have them assorted to various types of casual or festive outfits.
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Pineapple leather earrings
wearing my own creation - pineapple-shaped art leather earrings
fruit accessories handmade
anatomy of a pair of handmade leather earrings

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