Tiny houses linocut

I have just added one of my favorite linocut pieces to my Etsy shop, the Goddess Gruia - a tiny print entitled "Extra muros" depicting tiny houses and monuments from Transylvania. It can be framed and displayed as a picture or used as a card (using the blank back side for writing).
Dimensions: 11.5 x 17 cm (4.5 x 6.7 inches).
Original print on special beige/orange printing paper, typographic inks and pencil signature by the artist. "EA (author series) 2016, "Extra muros" (outside the walls, in Latin), linocut, AGruia (Ana-Maria Gruia)  

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Tiny houses linocut, original miniature print, Extra muros, street front art, small artwork, medieval architecture from Transylvania

Detail of coloring

Detail of the linocut print
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And the original project using the entire linocut plate with these houses, the "City tracks in the mud", on my Facebook Page HERE.
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Linocut prints by Goddess Gruia - June 2017

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