50% OFF Marin Gruia's oil on canvas Flower paintings

As my Etsy shop Goddess Gruia also promotes two of my father's paintings, these can also be had with 50% discount, applying the reduction coupon code STUDIOMOVE.
The two miniature paintings by Marin Gruia depict flower bouquets in his typical, neoclassical style. He is an established painter from Romania:
- Born in 1949, in Dej, Cluj County, Romania, established in Cluj-Napoca.
- BA in organic chemistry (Timisoara, Romania), macromolecular chemistry research activity.
- Free art studies in Bussels (Bortier Gallery), Dortmund (Auslandinstitut), Cluj-Napoca.
Exhibitions in Romania:
• Galeria Filo, Cluj-Napoca, 1982
• Galeria Casei Universitarilor, Cluj-Napoca, 1982 and 1990
• Institutul de Lingvistica,
Cluj-Napoca, 1989
• Galeria Radio-TV,
Cluj-Napoca, 1990
• Painting on faience, Galeria Casei Universitarilor, Cluj-Napoca, 1992
• Muzeul de Arta, Satu-Mare, 1997
• Galeriile Fortuna, Cluj-Napoca, 2008
• Group exhibition, Muzeul de Arta Cluj-Napoca, 2009
Exhibitions abroad:
• Saint Michel, Namur, Belgium, 1990
• Galeria "Bortier" Bruxelles, Belgium, 1991
• Frasnes, Belgium, 1991
• Rheinish-Westfalische Auslandinstitut, Dortmund, Germany,1992
• Auferstehungskirche, Dortmund,Germany,1992
• Group exhibition Tokaj, Hungary, 2004 and 2005
• Group exhibitions organized by Pavot in Romania and UK (London), 2015-2016

Original oil painting, wall art, still life, canvas painting "Flower bouquet" by established artist Marin Gruia from Romania


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