Apothecary uses of deer antlers

Deer antlers were a source of calcium, just like other shells and animal bones. The ingredient was used as shavings (rasura), powder (pulveris), volatile salt (sal) or alcoholic solution (spiritus), sometimes meant to be smelled or fumigated as a cure for feminine problems (such as collapsed uterus). 
Vintage engraving of a deer

The blue glass with the signature PULV. CORNU CERVI. (deer antler powder) is from the beginning of the 20th c., from the old St. George Pharmacy hosting the Pharmacy Collection in the center of Cluj, in the Hintz House. The glass with the signature SPIRIT CORNU CERVII (deer antler alcoholic solution) dates from the 18th c. and was used in a pharmacy from Baia Mare, while the small jar for deer antler salt - SALL CORNU CERVI - is from the 19th c., from Bratislava.
Apothecary containers for deer antler products

Apothecary jars for deer antler medicine, actual 18th-century shavings and an entire antler are exhibited part of the "Animals that heal" temporary exhibition at the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca, on display until June 30th 2017. See the official blog of the museum for how to plan your visit at http://farmacluj.blogspot.ro/

Deer antler display case at the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj


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