Apothecary uses of goat's blood

Domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) blood – SANGUIS HIRCI - was used since Antiquity against dysentery and dropsy (water retention due to cardiac failure), while the Arabs recommended it against calculi (stones as pathological products of different human organs). It was also included in the Transylvanian Materia Medica, as the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca includes a 19th-c. wooden jar with the signature SANGUIS HIRC. The container was once used in the Bononi pharmacy from Recaş, Timiş County. 
The ingredient is but one of the numerous medicines obtained from animals and insects presented in the temporary exhibition "Animale vindecatoare" Animals that Heal - January-June 2017 at the History of Pharmacy Collection, Unirii Square no. 28.

Detail of animal blood vial in the Animals that heal exhibition

Wooden apothecary jar inscribed "Sangv: hirc:"

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