Octopus leather earrings from the Transylvanian Trove

Among the earring available on Etsy from the Transylvanian Trove, the owner's preferred pair is octopus-shaped. These design handmade leather earrings create a 3D effect during wear, plus they are warm and comfortable.

3 color variants available

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3D leather earrings

Statement leather jewelry

Octopus leather earrings, entirely made by hand, modern design.
The 3D effect is generated by the combination of overlapping leathers - varying in color, thickness and texture.
Each pair is slightly asymmetrical - and this adds to the overall modern effect :)
Due to the primary material employed, these statement earrings and light, warm and comfortable to wear.
Common metal alloy hangers.
Size: 5 cm (2 inches)

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