Ox gull - FEL TAURI

Ox gull or Bilis bovina - FEL TAURI in apothecary terms- was used ever since Antiquity in the treatment of eye, stomach and intestine problems, of hemorrhoids, but was also part of numerous mixed medicines.

Three apothecary jars for bull’s bile are exhibited part of the "Animals that heal" temporary exhibition at the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca, part of the National History Museum of Transylvania:

§    white ceramic jar with the signature EXTR. FELL. TAURI in Latin and Hungarian, dated 1815 and used in the Matei Corvin Pharmacy in Cluj. The signature is placed in an oval cartouche with golden border

§ white ceramic jar inscribed EXTR. FEL TAURI from the beginning of the 19th century, Timiş, manufactured in Batiz. The signature is placed in a shield-shaped cartouche with green border, surmounted by a painted decoration consisting of two branches and a central bow

§       glass jar with paper label with the depiction of bulls, beginning of the 20th c., Unicorn Pharmacy in Cluj, partially effaced print and French writing

Apothecary jars for ox-gall

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