Elixir of Love for sale!

Atelierul de istorie has started a new category of handmade items inspired by the Baroque art and civilization in Central and Eastern Europe. The most important new item in this category is the Elixir of Love, namely small glass vials with the ingredients of the famed apothecary aphrodisiac drink. The vial contains entire spices used to season red wine and is accompanied by a scroll with the list of ingredients and how to prepare the drink a la 18th century Transylvania.
This is a great romantic gift, a good exercise of discovering and guessing spices, and an actual recipe for a tasy drink.
Read more about the actual recipe and original containers for the Elixir of Love from the History of Pharmacy Collection in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania.

The Elixir of Love from Atelierul de istorie

Glass vial with the ingredients for the Baroque Elixir of Love

The Elixir of Love, sold with instructions and red ribbon


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