Lemonade for Easter

During the eighteenth century, pharmacists in Transylvania used to visit the doctors in heir towns with gifts for the main holidays of the year, in order to have them refer patients with prescriptions to their shops and not to those of their competitors. Such gifts consisted of new exotic goods, such as white cane sugar, coffee, or citrus fruits. Tobias Maucksch, one of the pharmacists in Cluj, recommended his son, a pharmacist-to-be, to offer six lemons to respected doctors and only three to young doctors who did not write many prescriptions. Citrus fruits were relatively new in Transylvania at the time, thus much in demand, and lemon juice was even recommended against the plague - as not much was known about the disease.
We, at the Pharmacy Museum in Cluj-Napoca, wish you a Happy Easter and recommend a lemonade for digestion :)


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