Home deco and Lojze Kalinsek's artworks

As I am preparing to move, I realize just how many artworks in my home are signed by my favorite Slovenian artist, Lojze Kalinšek. They are not only very different in technique - painted ceramics, drawing and acrylic on paper, gold leaf+engraving, etching, collage on canvas - and fabulous in their own right, but they also make for the best background for other elements. Here is thus my collection of Kalinšeks :) and now I must consider how to exhibit it in my new place...
See more of his works HERE and HERE.

Earrings sculpture/rack and Lojze Kalinsek's "Apple" in the background

Painted plate by Lojze Kalinsek and one of my own works (mixed technique on canvas)

Lojze Kalinsek's drawing of a Maori doing the haka

Lojze Kalinsek's painting of my mom's former  and beloved cat

Lojze Kalinsek, Apple, etching and gold&silver leaf stamp with interventions

Nudes, etching by Lojze Kalinsek and Roland Neupauer


Lojze Kalinsek said...

Woouuuu, thank you very much, it is biiig honour for me!

ana said...

Not enough, Lojze! And do make a website of your works, it would be really appreciated!