History-inspired car accessories

My online shop, Atelierul de istorie, proudly presents a new line of products inspired by history, namely by the Dacian civilization of ancient Romania. The lot includes three car accessories decorated with the war standard of this civilization, the mythical half wolf-half snake creature that the Romans called Draco (dragon in Latin). One does not know how the Dacians themselves called it:

The first is a miniature version of the Dacian hat worn by the nobles and aristocrats (tarabostes). The typical hat is entirely handmade out of black woolen cloth, with the draco hand-sewn on one side. The black elastic allows one to hang the mini hat from the rear mirror, though it can also be used as a key fob.

Dacian draco tiny Dacian hat - key fob or car accessory
The second item is a car sticker with the Draco inspired by an original linocut design of mine. The sticker is specially designed for outdoor conditions, but could also be used inside the car.

Dacian draco car sticker
The third products is a handmade leather car charm in shape of the same Dacian draco. Available in several color variants.
Leather car charm ancient Dacian draco


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